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"Stock market rules have changed-and with them, so should your strategy, advises Terranova..."  (Publishers Weekly)

"One of Joe Terranova's greatest strengths is his ability to take vast amounts of complex financial data, break the data down to its moving parts, and then explain what it means in an easy-to-understand way."(Mark B. Fisher, founder/CEO MBF Clearing Corp, and author of The Logical Trader: Applying a Method to the Madness)

Joe Terranova knows what it takes to win. His research and knowledge go into every trade he makes. I can't wait for him to share his passion in his new book and to learn the secrets that Wall Street professionals don't want you to know. (Mike Bossy, National Hockey League Hall of Famer, New York Islanders)

"Joe's methodology is backed up by 18 years of hard-hitting and strong experience in managing risk and managing investment professionals...when I finished Joe's book, I couldn't help but anticipate his next book on trading."(Doug Kass, "The New Real Money Pro")

Terranova, a series regular on CNBC's Fast Money and the Chief Market Strategist for Virtus Investment Partners, dispenses counter-intuitive advice that will help the average investor to think and to trade like the pros


Why Buy-and-Hold is Dead and Other Investing Lessons from CNBC's "The Liquidator"

What's the best month to buy tech stocks? To sell an energy asset? And what is the one-day of the year that you should never, ever trade on? 

Whether you're a professional investor or just want to trade like one, Buy High, Sell Higher will show you how to pick winners, maximize gains and minimize losses...In this book, you'll learn how a stock's price is just the beginning of the story, and that other indicators like moving averages and volume can help you to spot stocks that have momentum. You'll also learn how to determine the optimal moment to buy a stock, when to sell it, how to protect yourself against sudden reversals in the market, and how to capitalize on moments when other investors are retreating.


“For 365 Days a Year, It’s Game 7!”







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About Joe:

Joe Terranova is Chief Market Strategist for Virtus Investment Partners. He was elevated to that position in June 2009, having started with the company in the role of Chief Alternatives Strategist. 

In his current role, Mr. Terranova works with Virtus' regional sales teams and the financial advisors who sell the company's investment products, providing insight into the domestic and global investing landscape and has represented Virtus as a keynote speaker for several financial institutions. He is a member of the Virtus Investment Oversight Committee. 

Prior to joining Virtus in 2008, Mr. Terranova spent 18 years at MBF Clearing Corp., rising to the position of Director of Trading for the company and its subsidiaries. In this capacity, he managed more than 300 traders and support staff for MBF, one of the New York Mercantile Exchange's largest firms. His work was highlighted as the feature story in the June 2004 issue of Futures magazine. 

Mr. Terranova is perhaps best known for his risk management skills, honed while overseeing MBF's proprietary trading operations during some of the most calamitous times for the U.S. markets, including the first Gulf War, the 1998 Asian Crisis, 9/11, and the collapse of Amaranth Advisors. In 2003, he was one of the first Wall Street professionals to make an early call for higher energy, natural resources, and commodity prices. In June 2008, he cautioned investors to move to the sidelines in commodities and, in March 2009, he encouraged investors to ignore the global "embracement of pessimism" and overweight equities. Before joining MBF, Terranova held positions at both Swiss Banking Corp. and JP Morgan Securities. 

Mr. Terranova is a CNBC contributor and is currently a full time panelist on the highly rated program Fast Money. He is also a frequent panelist on the CNBC daytime program Fast Money Halftime Report. 

In 2007, along with Hockey Hall of Fame player Mike Bossy, Mr. Terranova established "Bossy's Bunch," a program that rewards excellence in the classroom for elementary school students. 

Mr. Terranova earned a bachelor's degree in finance from the Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John's University in New York.



The Top Secrets of Pro Traders

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